New Homes Sales and Marketing is largely stuck in the Past. It's time for a change. The future is clear.

What Home Buyers Want

What Home Builders Want

Find, design, experience and buy online

Provide engaging personalized interactive content

Compare, save, share, collaborate and resume their favorite custom-designed homes online

Curate the customer experience and journey across multiple digital channels

Buy direct to save time, money and hassle

Generate and synchronize leads down multiple channels and sales funnels

Visit a single website to learn when, where, why and then, how to buy new construction homes

Increase sales leads and conversions, shorten sales cycles, reduce sales acquisition and conversion costs, and maximize sales and profit

Shop across thousands of builders, communities, plans, options and homesites from one login – anywhere, anytime and on any device

See web traffic fingerprints of popular selections and favorites instead of just footprints of pages visited

Be notified of matching homes instead of constantly searching

View analytics graphically with visualizations of actual color schemes, designs and homesite selections

Come help us build something special!

To meet these needs, we’re making a new go of New Home Sales and Marketing with our Portal.

This portal is a one-stop shopping destination that uses intelligent data-driven visualization content to drive sales. Our sister company, Rendering House provides critical personalized interactive content via its real-time cloud rendering engine while Anewgo employs its proprietary analytics and AI engines to drive online sales.

This is the beginning of our Real Tech Revolution. Stay tuned!