Sales Automation
 launches personal campaigns


Ultimately, Marketing is about driving Sales.

Marketing connects Buyers and Sellers. But in today’s online shopping world where they no longer physically interact, data is the new handshake and communication medium.

Data drives the customer experience. The richer the data, the richer the experience. The richer the experience, the more engaged the buyer. The more engaged, the more likely the sale. So data drives Sales!

Critical omnichannel data feeds our AI Sales Automation “virtual buyers’ agents” 24/7 to generate online leads and sales. Our Insight platform captures valuable analytics from this Marketing and Sales Cycle for each Lead and in total to continually improve customer experiences and sales conversions.


Our Sales Automation utilizes AI to create personalized marketing content and campaigns to massively usher buyers down omnichannel digital sales funnels 24/7.

Our Anewgo cloud collects valuable shopping data across all our apps ecosystem and combines it with individual and collecting shopping behavior. The result is rich data with deep analytics that fuel our AI, matching Buyers with Builders, Communities, Plans, and even Homesites (similar to how Uber matches riders, drivers, cars and destinations). 

Then, utilizing our cloud-rendering engine, our AI can email or update buyers’ private “My Home” pages with personally rendered recommended homes catered to them. To leverage our AI, marketers simply define their target customers and which products and communities that they are promoting.  

Our Anewgo cloud does the rest! 



Buying New Construction is like a online massive Easter Egg Hunt. You frantically run around, searching and collecting hundreds of eggs in your shopping basket.

New Home Buyers have to find and pick everything – the builder, the community, the plan, the homesite, literally down to the kitchen sink!  An already risky, expensive and complex purchase is compounded by this painful online customer experience.


Technology can relieve this frustrating new home shopping game for both Buyers and Sellers. Buyers simply set their search criterion and home/community preferences. 

Similarly, Marketers can attract leads by tagging home and community features, defining target audiences and identifying communities and plans for promotion. 


After buyer and sellers set their matching objectives, the cloud performs a massive online matching game 24/7 – eliminating repeated laborious efforts from either side. 

Buyers are alerted as new recommended homes are found.

Builders can leverage our AI to auto-launch personalized marketing campaigns to registered users based on the Marketers’ target settings.

This saves buyers time while eliminating FOMO (“fear of missing-out”) as their tireless and increasingly smarter Virtual Buyers Agents continually matches them with homes and renders them in personally-appealing designs! This Customer Experience will disrupt traditional New Home Marketing.


How can you convert tepid home shoppers at the top of the sales funnel to buy New Construction – before they even decide to buy New and shop your builder competitors?

By using AI for Predictive Marketing and Sales Optimization within our Anewgo.com portal to presuade unintended New Home buyers by stimulating impulse buys. This not only sparks unexpected New Home demand, but it pulls demand from Used Homes and other Builders before they can even compete. Pre-emptive selling is the next level of Pre-selling.

As home browsers explore the nuances of New Construction on Anewgo.com, AI tracks which articles and content that they read or liked. By combining that “exploratory” data with historical market-wide shopping data and individual buyer profiles and home/community preferences, AI can identify high-propensity buyers, predict personal shopping behavior and present custom-rendered, personally attractive homes. The latter is done via our real-time cloud rendering engine to personally lure each shopper to buy New dream homes as they browse our portal.

For Builders, Sales Optimization algorithms can drive buyers toward the best homes, options and homesites that maximize sales and profitability with the least time and costs.

AI Virtual Buyer’s Agents can presuade potential buyers before they start home shopping and enable builders to “steal” sales before their competition even know these customers exist. By avoiding direct competition, builders save tremendous traditional “persuasion” Sales and Marketing time and costs.