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with John Lee and Anya Chrisanthon

Meet Our Hosts

John and Anya have brought together their decades of varied New Homes experiences to help builders, developers and agents navigate the wave of changes sweeping their industry!

Together, this dynamic duo presents game-changing MarTech trends and strategies in a fast-paced, exciting and meaningful way. Get entirely new perspectives on how to propel this industry forward. Tune-in for a tune-up!

John Lee

Following his first Silicon Valley startup, John founded Rendering House (now Anewgo) in 2001 to enable shoppers to find, design, experience and buy new homes online. As CEO of a PropTech visualization software company, John offers a unique “boots-on-the-ground” tech perspective. 


"PropTech, MarTech, SalesTech. We don't just talk tech, we do tech. We take a tech-centric approach to connect with today's tech-savvy consumers."

Anya Chrisanthon

With extensive custom and national homebuilder Sales experience, numerous NAHB and realtor awards, and hundreds of interviews and panel discussions with industry experts, Anya offers practical real world Sales and Marketing expertise with unparalleled industry insights. 


We'll transform vague terms and concepts into practical ways to grow your business. New Home Sales and Marketing will never be the same!

Episode 22,  May 17, 2022

Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions is on the Podcast this week to talk about current market temperature, salespeoples’ state of mind and how to measure the right metrics for predictable sales. So let’s get some traction with Kimberly Mackey! 

Episode 20,  May 10, 2022

Offerpad’s Homebuilder Services team works with more than 40 of the nation’s top homebuilders to streamline sales processes and get prospects under contract faster by removing one of the biggest barriers to buying new — the home sale contingency.

Episode 20,  May 3, 2022

The upcoming Anewgo Marketplace Portal lets buyers shop across the entire Anewgo network of builders, communities, plans and homesites. Not only can they compare and save their favorites across this marketplace, but they can have their AI shopping assistant, continuously match and notify them of their ideal homes and communities.

Episode 19,  April 26, 2022

Roland Nairnsey is the Founder of New Home Sales Plus and Author of Mastery of Selling for New Homes. Roland has been a real estate sales and thought leader for over 30 years and currently trains teams with monthly sales in the billions. Roland is know as the “Stuff Guy” for teaching “non-BS” skills that are honed from his own real world experiences, and are proven to work. Improve your ability to communicate, connect and close more sales, while having a laugh or two along the way at The Tropical Sales Retreat this November at the Clearwater Beach. Use promo code ANEWGO at checkout to receive $100 off your ticket price. For tickets CLICK HERE  

As these shows build upon each other, we recommend starting from Episode 1.

Episode 18,  April 19, 2022


Homes for Hope works in partnership with the building industry to accelerate the end of global poverty. To fight global poverty, a builder will identify a job to be a Homes for HOPE project. Once the project is completed, the resulting donation is used to provide training, savings services, and loans to men and women living in poverty, gradually breaking the cycle of poverty.

Episode 17,  April 12, 2022

Christine Miles, a leading business consultant known as the Listening Guru and author of the bestselling book, What Is It Costing You Not To Listen shares her advice on having difficult conversations. Asking better questions and listening can help with that. Christine says that most of us listen to what we think we hear rather than what is being said.  Instead, we need to listen to understand.  

Episode 16,  April 5, 2022

We all know that, buying a new home is a really notoriously bumpy process. It’s a bumpy ride and what we really, want to do is to utilize new technology to pave the way for e-commerce because, we’re the last industry to incorporate that, but it’s coming. Our goal is to improve this whole customer shopping journey, we want to move the customers most effectively from discovery to sales conversion. 

Episode 15,  March 29, 2022

We discuss the evolution of the Online Sales Counselor (OSC) role and career progression as well as debunk common myths about this critical position. 

Episode 14,  March 22, 2022

On this webinar, you’ll learn about Harbor Homes and their experience with implementation and roll out of the BUY NOW feature. We’ll answer your questions about the process, systems in place, customer and sales experience as well as share best practices.

Episode 13,  March 15, 2022

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is one of the biggest consumer trends of 2022. Learn how to incorporate self-touring into your sales process and additional implementation ideas for home builders. 

Episode 12,  March 8, 2022

The days of one online website channel funneling to one onsite sales center channel are long gone. Shoppers now control which channels they shop and in which order. Like all eCommerce, the common thread is the internet. At home or at the sales center, the entire start-where-you-left-off (swylo) experience is done online.

Episode 11,  March 1, 2022

E-commerce started more than twenty years ago, but it’s just now reaching the New Homes industry. To create a great omnichannel online shopping journey, we must build an e-commerce ecosystem. Some parts can be upgraded, but many parts have to replaced and re-built. We’ll review the two critical roadblocks: static content and channels.

Episode 10,  February 22, 2022

In an online world where we can instantly match and notify Buyers and Sellers of house matches, why do we still have to manually search in vain for our dream homes each day? AI can instantly pare down your best leads and help drive them down personal online sales funnels.

Episode 9,  February 15, 2022

The Shape of Things to Come: Transitioning from Old to New Sales Funnels

In an online omnichannel world, is taking shoppers offline a total disconnect? See how new e-commerce channels have completely re-shaped and turned the simple triangular sales funnel upside-down. There’s a simple solution: give “to each, his own” online shopping journey.

Episode 8,  February 8, 2022

Data is Gold!: Defining, Mining, Refining and Monetizing Data

Data is the analytical left-brain side. It’s what Technologists do best. Are you effectively monetizing that goldmine of data? Digitally mine it with the right marketing reaction to every online action. With AI, little bits of data are refined into precious nuggets of information. Let’s dig deeper!

Episode 7,  February 1, 2022

Great Content Makes Everyone Content: Renderings, VR, AR and MR

As sales move online, sales success comes from providing great customer experience. There’s three major CX factors that attract and retain engaged customers. And that’s enabling them to shop EASILY with SPEED in ACCURACY. Interactive visualizations check all three of these boxes . So let’s take a look at some new home application examples.

Episode 6,  January 25, 2022

We've Been Doing It All Sdrawkcab!: The New E-Commerce Business Model

Technology has turned traditional Sales and Marketing upside down. Don’t be left with outdated processes that are no longer right. Listen in to reverse course and learn how to move forward!

Episode 5,  January 18, 2022

Learn There and Apply Here!: MarTech Lessons from Other Industries

Let’s have what they’re having! Why re-invent the wheel when we can take the best tech from other industries? Don’t spin your wheels. Just change your old tires and we’ll get you rolling again!

Episode 4,  January 11, 2022

The MarTech Revolution: From Basic to Advanced Marketing

Marketing connects Buyers and Sellers. Technology improves those connections. Learn how this powerful combination can transform boring, basic Presentation Marketing into exciting, advanced Customized, Personalized, Experiential and Predictive Marketing!

Episode 3,  January 4, 2022

The tried and true has been truly tried! Despite revolutionary changes, some basic principles from long ago are still keys to success today. Learn how to apply old world strategies to our new world environment.

Episode 2January 4, 2022

All other industries have been disrupted. Tech giants have saved the biggest and best for last. This episode highlights why our time has come, and how to survive and even, thrive amid these monumental changes.

Episode 1,  January 4, 2022

Disruptive PropTech changes are sweeping our industry! To prepare, this premiere episode launches our weekly “Tech Tuesdays” webcast series that highlights trends, innovations and technologies that will completely transform the way we market and sell New Homes.

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