Marketplace Apps

Create a Network of Builders Around your Unique Marketplace

Sales and Marketing for Multiple Builders

Create an online Marketplace App with multiple builders and segment content by specific communities and plans.

Search and Save Homes

Allow buyers to shop, save and compare across all builders, communities and plans within the Marketplace App.

Personalized Customer Journeys

Empower buyers to seamlessly shop across your online marketplace guided by OSCs, salespeople or even, AI.

Leads and Insights

Utilize the attraction of shopping across a collection of builders to generate serious leads and valuable insights.

Marketplaces are often defined by the seller. Generally, the primary sellers of new homes are builders, so they mainly use their own builder-branded MyHome Apps to market themselves. But brokerages and developers, may want a branded Brokerage or Community App to market their unique network of builders. Marketplace Apps do not replace or supersede individual Builder’s Apps, but they coexist as separate virtual groupings of different builders’ communities and plans.

Brokerage App

Group Your Builder Listings

Let your clients find, design, experience and buy from your network of builders, communities and plans. Track their customer journeys and shopping behavior across your ecosystem. Help them compare and buy from your listings.

Community App

Sales Center Displays for builders and developers

Buyers can shop single builders or across a network of builders or communities. Developers provide common community content like siteplans, amenities and virtual tours while builders add plan content like interactive exterior, interior and floorplan designs. Anewgo Insights captures leads’ contact information and shopping behavior.


Built for on-site teams to highlight their community in the most engaging way.


Allow for shoppers to continue their journey from website to sales center or from sales center to website.


All of our interactive software pulls information in real time from our backend dashboard.


Understand more about each lead’s customer journey and leverage that data to customize future marketing and sales.

Portal App

The Universe of Builders

The upcoming portal lets buyers shop across the entire Anewgo network of builders, communities, plans and homesites. Not only can they save and compare across this marketplace, but they can have their AI shopping assistant, Sophie, continuously match and notify them of  their ideal homes and communities.

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