Marketing Insight
 personalizes shopping


We collect valuable shopping data across all of our apps and combine it with individual and collecting shopping behavior. The result is rich data with deep analytics that fuel our AI, matching Buyers with Builders, Communities, Plans, and even Homesites (similar to how Uber matches riders, drivers, cars and destinations). 

Then, utilizing our cloud-rendering engine, our AI can email or update buyers’ private “My Home” pages with personally rendered recommended homes catered to them. To leverage our AI, marketers simply define their target customers and which products and communities that they are promoting.  

Our Anewgo cloud does the rest! 



Buying New Construction is like a massive Easter Egg Hunt. You frantically run around, searching and collecting hundreds of eggs in your shopping basket.

New Home Buyers have to find and pick everything – the builder, the community, the plan, the homesite, literally down to the kitchen sink!  An already risky, expensive and complex purchase is compounded by this painful customer experience.


Technology can relieve this frustrating new home shopping game for both Buyers and Sellers. Buyers simply set their search criterion and home/community preferences. 

Similarly, Marketers can attract leads by tagging home and community features, defining target audiences and identifying communities and plans for promotion. 


After buyer and sellers set their matching objectives, the cloud performs a massive online matching game 24/7 – eliminating repeated laborious efforts from either side. 

Buyers are alerted as new recommended homes are found.

Builders can leverage our AI to auto-launch personalized marketing campaigns to registered users based on the Marketers’ target settings.

This saves buyers time while eliminating FOMO (“fear of missing-out”) as their tireless and increasingly smarter Virtual Buyers Agents continually matches them with homes and renders them in personally-appealing designs! This Customer Experience will disrupt traditional New Home Marketing.