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Marketing Automation

Delivers the Right Message, to the Right Prospects, at the Right Time


Utilizing personal shopping data, the Insights platform can identify popular products and trends. The AI uses the information to guide builders on marketing and sales opportunities. A recommendation engine provides a personalized customer journey.


Marketing and Sales can initiate email campaigns both at a personal level and broad scale. Tailored messages resonate with each lead at different sales stages.


Future Feature: Utilizing AI, Marketing and Sales can launch automated re-marketing campaigns with general and personalized content based upon pre-determined trigger events.

Cohort Analysis

Group leads by community, plan, elevation or options. Use these groups to create audiences for highly target campaigns. Create custom content using our interactive design tools to include in campaigns.

Automatic Campaigns

Future Feature: Email or social media campaigns may be automatically launched, using custom generated content. Include deep links so that prospects can explore lots, plans, elevations, directly from the campaign.

Performance Metrics

Understand effectiveness of your campaigns. See open rates and click-through rates per campaign and create follow up emails. See exactly which leads opened campaign emails and nurture leads accordingly.

Templated Emails

Choose from multiple templates so that your team can spend less time writing emails and more time selling. Use AI generated renderings to populate the email with the exact plan, community, or lot that leads have shown interest in.