Insight drives sales


Ultimately, Marketing is about driving Sales.

Marketing connects Buyers and Sellers. But in today’s online shopping world where they no longer physically interact, data is the new handshake and communication medium.

Data drives the customer experience. The richer the data, the richer the experience. The richer the experience, the more engaged the buyer. The more engaged, the more likely the sale. So data drives Sales!

Critical omnichannel data feeds our AI Sales Automation “virtual buyers’ agents” 24/7 to generate online leads and sales. Our Insight platform captures valuable analytics from this Marketing and Sales Cycle for each Lead and in total to continually improve customer experiences and sales conversions.

Our Dashboard has your Sales Leads InSight!​

Our Apps drive customers down online sales funnel as they shop across different channels. They can create their own personalized brochures (unique auto-generated “My Home” web pages) and save Favorites online. When they register (via their Facebook, Google or email accounts), email themselves a custom PDF brochure, share their designs on Facebook, invite collaborators to their online Favorites, sign-up at Sales Kiosks, or schedule tours, we capture that valuable Lead.

Our omnichannel apps can capture these leads at the marketplace (anewgo.com), builder’s website, social/email campaigns and sales centers. When the shopper turns into a buyer, we’re there to capture that lead! Our Insight Dashboard then helps you convert that Lead into a Sale.

Follow your Leads, so you can Lead your Followers​

We capture omni-channel shopping behavior at macro and micro-levels giving you: 

  • Trend Identification
  • Market Comparisons
  • Popular product analytics
  • In-depth buyer profiles.

This unprecedented knowledge provides a huge competitive advantage and better customer service and experience while converting more sales and increasing profitability.

Prospect Profile

Prospect Pipeline

Leading elements​

TUrning Footprints into fingerprints

Contact Data

Name, Contact information, Interested Plans and Communities

Leads Rank

Leads are ranked by quality to prioritize responses and guide follow-up


View Buyers' Favorites to help collaborative design and shop online


Track Buyers shopping journey to guide them down online sales funnels


Buyer search criterion and preferences guides personalized marketing.


Scheduled Guided and Self-guided Tours provides rich data for serious leads


As buyers traverse sales funnel, action notes guide Sales' next steps

Buyer Profiles

Uses 3rd Party to capture public buyer profiles to promote personalize selling

Website Analytics ≠ Builder Analytics​

Snorkeling vs Diving

When you’re swimming in a sea of data, don’t just skim the surface. Deep-dive to see what’s really happening. Unlike common website analytics, our data is not confined to high-level overviews. We can drill-down into individual customer and product-specific activity. This is because buyers can save, retrieve and edit their Favorites across cloud-synced omnichannel apps via their personal “My Home” accounts.

Our real-time cloud rendering engine then translates these complex interactions into colorful visual analytics. Now everyone can see both the big picture and close-up details in a visual language that we can all understand!


Built using Construction and Real Estate terms

Graphically-displayed– For easy interpretation 

Lead Analytics – Customer Profile “Cards” show individual Sales Funnel Journeys

Visual Analytics – See, not read, most popular colors, options, homesites, etc. via our cloud-rendering engine

Conventional Analytics – sessions, traffic, bounce rate, etc.


Completely understand your Market, Product and Buyers

Our Analytics Dashboard captures omni-channel shopping behavior at macro and micro-levels. Identify trends, compare against yourself and your market, drill-down for in-depth analysis, and see popular product and buyer profiles.

This unprecedented knowledge provides a huge competitive advantage and better customer service and experience while converting more sales and increasing profitability.