Insights Helps You Understand Your Prospects

See exactly what buyers want and what they’ll pay for


We make it easy to quickly digest large amounts of data through graphs and charts.


Access your analytics on any device via our web app.


Popular plans, colors, options, homesites, and more are displayed with their respective analytics.

Today’s home buyer is further along the buying journey when they formally reach out to a builder. Anewgo Insights speeds up sales by providing detailed shopping behavior that goes well beyond page views.

Insights includes three modules:

Leads Insights: Understand Individual Shoppers

Equip Sales teams with a keen understanding of each individual shopper. With Leads Insights Sales teams can view in-depth analytics of each customer’s unique online shopping journey and understand what they have engaged with and how to add value to their shopping journey before they even make initial contact.

Lead Overview

See engagement scores and activity across all your leads. Filter by date, or location.

Lead Profile

See individual lead shopping behaviors. View their favorites and understand their shopping trends regarding options, plans, and even colors.

Lead Sales Funnel

Track the current stage of individual leads and their activiy within that stage.​


View your overall lead activity by time, engagement score, or community. Drill down and see the individual leads that fall into that filter.

Analytics Insights: Understand Shopper Trends

Analytics Insights allows builders to rely less on their gut and put more trust in the data. Every interaction is collected, aggregated and analyzed to bring builders trends by location, plan, options, and much more. Data-enhanced decision drive more sales.

Analytics Overview

Track overall app activity by engagement, communities, lots, elevations, floorplan options, exterior colors and interior selections.

By Location

View trends and favorites for a single location or compare multiple.

By Plan

See which plans are getting the most traction and understand different metrics like durations, frequency of hits and number of times a plan has been favorited.​

By Sales Center

View performance metrics tied to specific sales centers that are using the Sales Center App.

Marketing Automations: AI Powered Campaigns

Our AI engine helps Sales teams qualify more quality leads using rich lead information to draft campaigns to the right shoppers, with the right message, at the right time.

Targeted Audiences

Create an audience that has shown interest in a specific product or community.

Email Campaigns

Build multiple email campaigns and track their progress.​


Use templates to quickly craft your emails and pull renderings directly from the app.

Buy Now: Allow Buyers to Design and Go Under Contract All Online

Buy Now allows buyers to go from finding a house to designing it to submitting a reservation request all online. Bring the entire shopping journey to prospects, collect multiple offers, and select the best one.

Stripe and Docusign

We leverage the best in class to ensure secure and seamless esignatures and epayments.


Notifications at every milestone ensure that builder and buyer know what the next step is.

Reservation Approval

Receive multiple reservation applications and approve the best applicant

Live Lot Updates

Lot statuses auto-update to “Reserved” when a reservation application has been approved.