Home Page Features

Your web app starts by zooming to a full-extent map view of all of your communities. From there, each shopper experiences a personalized and unique shopping journey. As they select different items, unique content is auto-generated and brought to them.

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Region and Cities Filter

Filter Regions (Metros) and Cities (Towns) from drop-down lists. Only those filtered communities will be displayed on the map and in the gallery.

Select Homesite or Plan

Start shopping by homesite or home plan by clicking the community marker on the map or the buttons on the community card.

Community Cards

Contain up-to-date community statistics, statuses and pricing. Information is auto-updated as content changes.

Clicking the "i" button takes you to the Community web page for more detailed neighborhood information.

Select Visible Communities and View Plans

Toggle on Select Visible Communities to include all communities for a plan search. To view plans for specific communities, click the   for those Communities.

Click View Plans to see the Plans for the selected Communities.


Click these buttons to contact a salesperson, view saved favorites, and to sign-in/out of the app. If already registered, the prospect will be greeted upon return to their personal MyHome page.


Your company logo appears here. When clicked, drop-down menu enables direct link to company website, viewing of ADA Disclaimer and Policy, displaying of App version, and agent log-in. With agent log-in, agent's contact information appears on generated brochures.


As you zoom or move map, only the cards for those communities that appear on the map are displayed.