Attract Audiences
with our Marketplace Apps

Marketing connects buyers and sellers by

Attracting Audiences and Engaging Prospects

Attracting audiences is the top of sales funnel and starts with product discovery.

Discovery to Closing

Our Marketplace Apps bring your products to your shoppers online and then takes them through the entire shopping journey from Discovery-To-Closing.

Attractive Content

Beautiful renderings and exciting virtual tours draw them in and showcase your communities and homes. 

Great Exposure

Our omnichannel apps put your homes not only center-stage, but on every marketing stage. 

Virtual Assistance

Sophie, our virtual buyers agent, continually searches and notifies buyers of matching homes and communities.

Anewgo helps builders to attract shoppers and prospective home buyers that would otherwise have never found them. 

Marketplace Apps are built specifically to allow shoppers to explore homes and plans across multiple builders. Ideal for Brokerages and Developers to guide shoppers towards homes that they otherwise may have missed.

The upcoming Anewgo.com portal will also allow for shoppers to shop across an entire network of new home builders. Using AI and match and notify, we provide builders with prospects that match the builder’s offerings.

The Complete Online Sales Funnel

The modern customer is looking for a new type of sales journey that often takes place entirely online. This means that builders must offer an experience that holistically addresses each part of the sales funnel. Having a weak link in the online Sales Funnel directly impacts a builder’s ability to close more sales.

Attracting Audiences is just the start. The next step in the online sales funnel is creating engaging shopping experiences.

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