Anewgo.com Portal
 is the new home shopping network

We’re marketing a Brand New World

Don’t buy New Homes, the old way, make a new go of it!

Why market on expensive portals that feature your biggest competitors: Used Homes and National Builders?

Builders pay a lot to advertise their New Homes on them – only to be plastered with realtor ads. They even become the “poster child” ad to buy cheaper, move-in ready Used Homes across the street!  To compete here, New Homes often drop prices – commoditizing their valuable New brands.

Meanwhile, Builders can’t showcase the main advantage of buying New:  creating dream homes when, where and how you want it. Builders are stuck using boring static renderings to compete against beautiful photos, videos and 360 tours.

Don’t settle for less! New Homes deserve more!

Anewgo.com offers a fresh New alternative to Used Home Portals

On Anewgo.com, Buyers can design, price, save, compare, collaborate, share and ultimately, buy their New Homes online – without Used Home distractions. Builders don’t pay to display. Instead of paying expensive upfront advertising, they only pay for performance of registered Leads with Favorited homes. Bottom line: nothing to lose, everything to gain. 

We’re not just selling New Homes, we’re selling “AFUN” customer experience that will draw, engage and convert new home buyers.

This is the Uberization of the New Home marketplace! More reasons to make a new go of it:

All New to Me!

Anewgo.com is the premier destination for shoppers who want to explore buying new homes. They can learn when, where, why and then how to buy New when ready. Why go anywhere else?

At Your Service

Unlike catalog-like portals, Anewgo provides a personal concierge experience via DIY, AI and online consultants. Buying New is complex. It’s not just a new house, it’s a new community, lifestyle and even friends.

Everything's Clicking

As shoppers explore and discover the nuances of buying New by reading articles on our portal, their clicks reveal more about each shopper. This data enhances our AI to better match buyers with dream homes.

All Teed Up

When curated shoppers on the portal are ready to buy, like nearby Uber drivers, Builders are in a prime position to pounce. Cheaply “presuade” them now instead of competitively persuading them later.

Open our Big Mouth

As a New Homes destination, we’ll attract more shoppers than individual builder websites – enlarging the mouth of the sales funnel. One-stop shopping across hundreds of builders creates that Amazon.com appeal.

Levels the Playing Field

United under one mall-like portal, small builders gain unprecedented exposure and traffic at a fraction of the cost. Collectively, they can compete with much larger builders and versus Google ads, they’re now on the map.

We'll put you on the Map

Smaller builders are lost in Google search lists as they simply can’t pay to be on top. Their smaller communities, especially Build on Your Lot builders, literally get lost or don’t even appear on portal maps. We’ve got you covered with equal coverage.

A Lot More to Show

Current portals show the lots of your listed inventory homes. We not only display those homes on an interactive site plan for free, but we also display every homesite and Plan that can be built on it. Then, the buyers can design those unbuilt homes online.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Unlike traditional portals, we can highlight community features, amenities and points of interests. Afterall, you’re not just buying a new house, but a new community.

Wait There's More

Utilizing our virtual buyer’s agent, buyers can be matched with builders, communities and plans that they would never have discovered. This opens the door to many more new home opportunities.

All for One. One for All.

Collective ideas from the Anewgo builders network promote best-in-class features. Shared development costs and analytics enable smaller builders to gain tech that they could never create or afford on their own.

We do the Heavy Lifting

Leave the tech to the experts. With cloud-based web apps, the content and data are synced. Upgrades are automatic. We connect with your data systems for seamless data feeds and updates.

This is the Amazon-like New Home Shopping Portal that Buyers have been waiting for!

A new go to destination to learn when, where, why and then how to buy New online!

Our My Home App clients will enjoy free listings​


We’re feverishly building-out a marketplace that connects our hundreds of Builders’ My Home Apps so that buyers can search and save favorites across multiple Builders, Communities and Plans, creating the ultimate destination for serious new home shoppers!

Meanwhile, this is the perfect time to create and refine your My Home App for our early-2021 launch!

Here’s a very simple version so you can view current active communities. The final portal will be radically different and will enable shoppers to learn about buying new, complete search criterion for home matching and then generate personal “My Home” pages that zooms buyers into their own map of matching builder, communities and plans.

Match and Notify

Set your search criterion. Your AI Virtual Buyer’s Agent does the rest: searching for matching builders, communities and plans 24/7 and notifying you of matches.

Check your personal Favorites for new recommendations. Follow favorite Builders and Communities for the latest news, promotions and homes!

You may already have what it takes!

Your My Home App is your Portal Pass

As part of our Anewgo family of Apps, when you create your “My Home” web app for your website, your content is automatically added to our Anewgo.com portal network. Maintenance is a breeze with this cloud-synced data.

It looks Totally Different, but it’s All the Same!

Though shoppers interact with different marketing channel interfaces, they all see the same up-to-date content. This Netflix-like progressive experience drives shoppers down your digital sales funnel instead leading them around in circles – or worse, back-up the funnel.