Anewgo Marketplace (AMP)

The new way to sell new homes

Anewgo.com is the first marketplace that allows for buyers to find, design, and buy homes entirely online. By leveraging AI and an entirely interactive experience Anewgo generates the highest quality leads by allowing buyers to go further down the sales funnel on their own.

Shopper-centric user journey

Designed with the new construction shopping journey in mind, Anewgo’s Marketplace allows homebuyers to learn the advantages of buying a new home while enabling them to fully design and even buy their dream home from anywhere, at anytime.

On top of that, Anewgo uses tools such as a shopper’s quiz to most quickly match shoppers with the right builder.

Advanced Search Technology

Anewgo Marketplace puts builders in front of shoppers that otherwise would not have discovered them, while reducing marketing costs. 

Smart Filters allow for buyer to sort by floor plan features, community features, home styles, and builder types. AI powered customer experiences mean tailored results and perfect matches between builders and buyers. 

Higher Lead Quality

Because Anewgo buyers can do more with their shopping parties, leads spend hours designing their dream home online before contacting builders. This means that Anewgo leads convert at an extremely high rate. 



There are two ways that you can be listed in the Anewgo Marketplace.

  1. If you use Anewgo for your interactive content you may choose to be listed in the Anewgo Marketplace at no additional cost.
  2. If you do not use Anewgo as your content provider, you may pay a monthly listing fee per community.

For builders that use our tools for interactive content, Anewgo Marketplace will automatically update as you update that content in the builder dashboard.

For builders who do not use us for content, you will have a backend dashboard to manually update your listings.

Builders that use Anewgo for their interactive content are listed in the Anewgo Marketplace for free.

For builders that do not use Anewgo for their interactive content, the rate will depend based on your market. The average listing fee is $10/mo per community.

Anewgo Marketplace is the only marketplace designed with the new construction shopping journey in mind. It allows homebuyers to learn the advantages of buying a new home while also enabling them to fully design their dream home and even buy their home anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

Anewgo leverages AI that utilizes consumer shopping behaviors to match buyers with desired builders, plans and options. Anewgo leads have usually spent hours designing their dream home online. These curated leads convert at a higher rate than other lead sources.

Anewgo’s approach will be different in each market. At a high level, Anewgo will utilize digital ads, social media, news casts, podcasts, and other publications to attract a large new home shopping audience.

One of the biggest differences about the Marketplace is that Anewgo is focused on creating the perfect match between builders and buyers. That means that leads do not simply fall to the highest bidder or the national builders with the largest budget. Anewgo will generate the traffic that marketers were spending large amount of their budget on and provide builders with extremely high quality leads.

Yes. But the reality is that “your buyers” already see your competitors. By using the Marketplace you will placing your homes and communities in an ecosystem that generates massive amounts of traffic and will draw eyes that otherwise may have never found you. Our AI will help your communities and plans attract buyers that have a higher likelihood of buying your homes.

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