drive sales

Visually analyze complex shopping behavior

Drowning and lost in a sea of google-speak analytics? Our graphical analytics, generated with our cloud rendering engine, are custom-designed for Builders.  It uses common construction and real-estate terms and presents it in a much more meaningful way – visually.

There are still the usual tables and charts. But it also shows sales funnels of the customer journey. Quickly see your most popular colors, options and homesites – accurately rendered for easy reference. Now your team are all visually-speaking the same language.

Completely understand your Market, Product and Buyers

Our Analytics Dashboard captures omni-channel shopping behavior at macro and micro-levels. Identify trends, compare against yourself and your market, drill-down for in-depth analysis, and see popular product and buyer profiles.

This unprecedented knowledge provides a huge competitive advantage and better customer service and experience while converting more sales and increasing profitability.